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My name is Verlandieu. Welcome to My Place. Some might wonder why it is that everything on My Place--in essence or in tone--is 'spiritual' or 'religious'. The answer is really a simple one. Every one views the world through a certain lense. I am a believer in the Lord Jesus. This is the lense through which I experience and see the world. The poems, nevertheless, are not sermons but personal expressions of a human heart.  Not all the experiences belong to the poet but the feelings are his own (or he identifies with them enough to make them his own).

The writer believes that fiction should in a measure be a reflection of reality. If, therefore, it has no impact on the real world then it is a poor reflection. The world is full of confused people with broken hearts and lives. This writer believes that God, through Jesus Christ, is their answer. He hopes that this truth is reflected in some of the fiction. When a person trusts Christ for salvation, God begins the life-long work of mending that broken heart and life. But it all begins with salvation, which one does not get because of service for Him, observing His Law, church attendance, repeating a specialized prayer, having a pastor or preacher praying over them, being baptized, going to church most or all of his (or her) life. This is a gift given by God upon repentance from sin and personal (one on One) faith in Christ.

Any questions, comments, concerns, send me an email.


(I don't endorse any religious materials advertised on this site, particularly, the sinner's prayer. The sinner's prayer, though some might use it with the best of intentions, is man-made, an aberration from the Scriptural gospel and spiritually dangerous. )